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21 Day Purification Program

21 Day Purification Program

The poisons in our environment affect our bodies’ everyday. These poisons, or toxins, permeate the environment so completely that they are often beyond our senses. They are as insidious as the pesticides farmers use on their crops and in their animal feed, the hormones and drugs the ranchers inject into their livestock, the insecticides sprayed on suburban lawns, the chemicals in our household cleaners, and the exhaust from our automobiles.

However wonderfully convenient it is to live in a modern and industrial society, there is a cost. That cost is reflected in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. That cost is the toxic waste that invades our bodies and that our bodies must handle everyday.

By helping our bodies handle these toxins, we can live healthier and happier, as we will be less prone to degenerative diseases and the common aches, pains and organ dysfunctions of aging. Natural supplements will be described that aid in the detoxification and drainage of environmental toxins. Detoxification can be defined as the ability to neutralize poisons that enter the body. Drainage is then the elimination of those neutralized poisons via the bowel, kidneys, skin, or lungs.

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