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These articles are intended to help you through this nutritional fortification plan.

Featured Products

Take Your Workout a Step Further Achieve Your Personal Best with Proper Nutrition Most people prepare for exercise by selecting the proper fitness attire, hydrating their bodies, and stretching. These are all important activities. However, most people overlook an issue that is far more important–nutrition. The proper nutrients will supply your body with the energy it needs during and after exercise.

The vital ingredients contained in these Standard Process products will support your exercise program.

  • Ligaplex® II This product focuses on strengthening and supporting the joints and connective tissues. The nutrients found in Ligaplex II work together to help the body meet the demands of movement. †

  • Cataplex® B This product contains B-complex vitamins to support healthy muscle tone and enhance energy production. †

  • Cardio-Plus This product supports healthy cardiovascular function, including support for increased oxygen demands as you exercise. †

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