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Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis


The BIA instrument measures whole body electrical resistance and capacitive reactance. These values, along with the your height, weight and sex are used to calculate your body composition, fluid distribution and tissue health.

ICW stands for intra-cellular water or the water inside the cell. We measure the percentage of ICW from TBW (Total Body Water). Generally, a shift towards increased ICW is associated with improving health.
Men should be above 62% Women should be above 57%

ECW stands for extra-cellular water or water outside the cell and includes plasma, fat, and interstitial fluids. Again, we measure the percentage of ECW from TBW. Generally, a shift towards increased ECW is associated with failing health. Under optimal circumstances, only 1/3 of the body’s water should be ECW.

CAP or capacitive reactance measures the cells’ ability to temporarily store an electrical charge. Cells can store an electrical charge as long as the cell membrane is intact. When the cell dies, capacitive reactance goes to zero. Therefore, capacitive reactance is directly proportional the cell health.
460-616 (Below average) 617-773 (Average) 774-1008 (Optimal)

IMP or impedance index is also derived from resistance and reactance. This number provides a general quantification of the health and vitality of the patient. The impedance index is the most sensitive indicator of changes in tissue health. Impedance index is directly proportional to tissue health.
Normal value for Impedance index is 1273 and above. Anything below 1273 would indicate a decline in health.

PHASE or phase angle is a value that is mathematically derived from the measured values of resistance and reactance. It is associated with cellular health and has been published as a leading indicator of prognosis of survival for patients with cancer, AIDS and kidney disease. An increase in phase angle indicates improving health whereas a decline in phase angle indicates failing health. Use the chart below to determine your ‘cellular age’ based on your phase angle.

5.6-6.6 represents average health

6.7-7.8 is above average health

7.8-9.4 is excellent health



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