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Breast Cancer Risk Indicator Questionnaire

Breast Cancer Risk Indicator Questionnaire

There are a number of factors (positive and negative) which influence your risk of developing Breast cancer.
Circle the number next to the question if it applies to you.


TOTAL _________

So Whatís my risk?

Itís easy. The higher your number the higher your risk and the lower your number the lower your risk.
These questions are based upon factors which:

? Increase your exposure to endogenous estrogens. (The oneís you make)
? Increase your exposure to Exogenous Estrogens. (The ones you are exposed to)
? Your liver and detoxification pathways capacity to properly detoxify all of the estrogens you are exposed to.
? Genetic predispositions
? The lifestyle and dietary factors that are known to reduce your factors

While having a low number is no guarantee of not developing Breast cancer a lower number would indicate a lower risk based on known risk factors.

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