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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

What is a Subluxation (Spinal Nerve Interference)?
Chiropractic is based on the natural, inborn laws of the body. It is as natural as the sun rising and setting every day. The brain is the master controller of all functions in our body. It directs muscles, tissues, and glands to do everything our body are supposed to do - every moment of every day.

The brain communicates with the body through the spinal cord, which is where nerves originate and branch out just like roots from a tree. Each muscle, tissue, and gland is plugged into what we call the central nervous system. Our life force (nerve flow) travels through this system, providing the body with the ability to function at its optimum level.

The spinal column, which protects this core system, should be in proper biomechanical alignment to allow the nerves free and clear access to all corners of the body. When nerve impulses and messages are interfered with, this is called a subluxation. No matter how simple or severe they may be, subluxations send the improper input about where the bones should be, and the structure changes. These structural changes put more pressure on the nerves, which interferes further with proper nerve flow. Interference causes your body to function at levels below your optimum health potential.

How Do I Know if I Have Subluxation?
Subluxations themselves do not cause symptoms. They do cause death of cells and tissues, which receive their vital information from the affected nerves. Once enough cells and tissues have died, you experience a change in the function of the affected system.

Many people experience a symptom in this stage of the downward spiral of health; some people never get a symptom. Have you ever heard of someone you believed to be in good health (having no symptoms), which died of a heart attack one day? Did the heart attack kill them or heart disease, which takes 10-30 years to develop?

Only a chiropractor can detect subluxation, but you can observe the effects of subluxation by observing posture. Have you ever heard the saying, “as the twig is bent, so grows the tree”? Well, the same is true for us. Look at your family’s posture. Are they symmetrical? Is one shoulder higher than the other is? Looking from the side, are their ears resting over their shoulders or in front of them. These are two screening tools you can do yourself. Only a chiropractor can determine the exact number and location of the subluxations. This is done using advanced computerized technology.

What Causes Subluxations (Spinal Nerve Interference)?
Based on a century of intensive research and study, it is now known that any one of three forms of stress can cause spinal nerve interference: physical, chemical, and emotional.

The most obvious cause is physical stress, such as jarring the spine in an automobile accident or the improper lifting of a heavy object. Even sitting at a desk for hours each day (particularly if the chair is not supportive to the lower back) can cause stress on the spinal column and vertebrae.

Carrying extra weight (due to job requirements, pregnancy, or being overweight) can result in distortion of the spinal column and cause nerve interference as well. Most sports provide numerous opportunities to sustain spinal nerve interference, as do vigorous exercise programs.

Chemical stress can be caused by the use of prescription or over-the-counter medications, or by a diet lacking proper nutritional balance. The body reacts and responds to these chemicals and the resulting stress can often damage the nerve system, including the spine.

Emotional stress takes a severe physical toll, such as tightening muscles, tension in the shoulders and back, and teeth clenching. This emotional stress can often cause spinal nerve interference, which produces physical stress.

Unfortunately, in modern society, we are bombarded with stress every day. From childhood to our senior years, we cannot escape the effects of an active, pressure-filled life. We expose ourselves daily to interference-causing activities, and it is vital to have regular spinal checkups to keep us free of spinal nerve interference so our true potential can be expressed.

What Information Should I Bring to My First Visit?
The only thing you must have with you … is yourself.

It is helpful if you have prior test results that pertain to your current complaint such as, any x-rays, MRI, lab results, or reports from another healthcare provider.

Please make a list of any questions of concerns that you have so we can go over them with you . Please print and fill out the Case History for Women or for Men.

What Should I Expect on My First Visit?
From the first minute you walk into the office, the emphasis will be on you. We are dedicated to providing you and your family with the finest compassionate, loving, personalized care possible.

Your first visit will consist of a consultation to discuss your health habits and history.

Your test results will be discussed then you will proceed with your first chiropractic adjustment. . We take pride in giving gentle and precise care at all times, which produces the fastest results.

You will receive a copy of the tests preformed during your checkout. Future care needs will be determined by your test results and your personal experience with your initial adjustment.

How Will You Track My Progress?
You will find that we encourage ongoing, clear communication between you and your health-care providers. Its best if you can discuss your health concerns openly with us, so that we keep our goals aligned with yours and attain the best possible improvement of your condition. One of the outcomes of good communication will be our ability to accurately monitor your progress under our care. We look for feedback from you regarding your subjective improvements.

I Didn’t Hear any Popping Sounds When You Worked on Me, Did You Really Give Me an Adjustment?
There are many ways of adjusting the spine. Some involve a physical movement of the joints between two spinal bones, resulting in the familiar “popping” sound, while other techniques use light force that do not cause any sound. The focus is on improving the function of the nervous system to allow for normal expression of health.

I Pop My Own Neck and Back, Why Do I Need to See a Chiropractor?
The feeling of stiffness that causes you to do this is due to a segment that is not moving properly. When you do this maneuver, it is a long levered, non-specific manipulation of the spine. This will often give a temporary relaxed feeling because you have release endorphins and enkephlins (which are your body’s natural painkillers) to be released. The problem is that the majority of the time, this non-specific manipulation does not put movement into the joint, which is stuck. It moved the joints, which are hypermobile (because they release easily).

Over time, many find the “feeling” addictive; it then requires this maneuver multiple times a day when initially it only took once to get “rid” of the pain/stiffness. Like any bad habit, it will take discipline to stop this activity. I have seen many people over the past 13 years who continued to do this and eventually caused a “pinched nerve”. This is a very painful situation. One that should be avoided, so schedule an appointment to evaluate your spine and restore normal motion to all your joints.

Do Children Need Chiropractic Care?
Subluxations (nervous system interference) disrupt life. It is imperative for parents to know that many times subluxations are the underlying cause of childhood and adulthood health problems. Because, as parents, we want our children to have healthier lives. We need to know some basic facts about the real obstacles to our children's health.

Subluxations halt the vital life flow that we need to nourish us and keep us alive. A subluxated nervous system is unable to function effectively. Have you every noticed that when a bug is going around in your child’s school that many children will get ill, but not everyone? Were they not all exposed to the same germs? What is the difference from one child to another? Most people know that there is an internal resistance to disease. This is the immune system. The immune system is closely related to the nervous system, so much so, that current medical literature is referring to these systems as one system; the neuro-immune system.

Chiropractic enables your children’s nervous systems to function at an optimal level so their bodies can function as designed.

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