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Detox Instructions

Thank you for inquiring about the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program. Following are some frequently asked questions about starting the program:

Don’t our bodies have the capability to detoxify naturally? We have systems in our bodies designed to detoxify a wide array of toxins. The number one player in these systems is the liver. If we are properly nourished, an enzyme system in our liver converts toxins into both water and bile soluble compounds that are cleared through the kidneys and released in bile. This detoxification process takes place in two steps we know of, simply designated Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Phase 1 detoxification uses specific enzymes to change chemicals that are not water-soluble into relatively water-soluble compounds in order to be removed from the body. This would be like getting your garbage packaged for pick up. This process actually forms chemicals that are more toxic than the starting toxins and need to be converted further in Phase 2. Phase 2 detoxification now adds chemical compounds to the compounds from Phase 1 to assist in their excretion through the kidneys, and for removal via the bile. Consider this as the garbage pickup, hopefully without spilling the garbage!

Why is there a need for detoxification? - Exposure to toxins and their damaging effects is an ever-present fact of living in a modern world. The world’s air, water and food contain toxins that affect the health of all living things. Food contaminants, including pesticides, microorganisms and the toxins that they produce, additives, packaging materials, hormones, and heavy metals found in food are potentially toxic to the body. Gases and particulate matter in the air, including carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, photochemical oxidants, hydrocarbons, asbestos, metals, and radio-nuclides are also toxic to the body and can potentially cause such health conditions as lung cancer, asthma, emphysema and both acute and chronic respiratory and non-respiratory conditions. Chemicals and metals used in daily life cause environmental pollution that results in allergic sensitization. Pesticides used on crops pose a major health threat to the body. Current testing methods for food contamination does not detect 50% of all pesticides used. One needs not to look far to see the onslaught we are exposed to daily from industrial and personal wastes permeating our food, air, and water supplies. Add to this, overwork, little to no exercise, sugar intakes that are nearly unbelievable, and an almost total lack of real food intake, and the result is a terribly overburdened, unhealthy individual.

Why use the Standard Process Purification Program? The Standard Process Purification Program uses whole food supplements, pure food and water to give the body the resources it needs so that it can purify and rebuild itself naturally. Remember that the toxins produced in Phase 1 are more toxic than the starting toxins, hence the need to support both Phases. Phase 1 can be enhanced and supported by sulphorophane, indoles, and glutathione, substances found in kale and brussels sprouts. Phase 2 can be enhanced by indoles, glutathione, and glucosinolate, substances found in broccoli, kale and brussels sprouts, and choline and inositol found in buckwheat. All of these substances are found in the Standard Process Detoxification products.

What products do I need to take and how often? The first 5 are included in your kit.

SP Cleanse: 7 capsules, 3 times per day, on an empty stomach or with an SP Complete shake, taken for the first seven days. This amounts to 1 bottle.
SP Complete: 1-5 meal supplement shakes daily for the entire 3 weeks. If consuming 1-2 shakes per day this amounts to 1 bottle, if 3 shakes per day 2, if more than 3 you get to do the math. Minimum recommended amount is 2 shakes per day.
SP Gastro-Fiber: 3 capsules, 3 times per day, on an empty stomach to assist bowel transit and function. 1 bottle lasts “almost” 3 weeks if using the full program time, short by 3-4 days.
SP Green Food: Begin taking in 2nd week after finishing SP Cleanse. (5 capsules twice a day).
Cod Liver Oil : 2 capsules, 3 times per day from day 1. If you have had your gallbladder removed, you will need to add Cholacol to assist your body in breaking down the oil. (dosing is 1 tablet, 3 times per day). I carry this in the office if you need it.
Whey Pro Complete: This is a whey protein that doesn’t contain any sweetener. 1 scoop adds 15 grams of protein – use this to improve your energy if you are sluggish (fatigue usually means you need more protein). I carry this in the office if you need it.

What dietary changes do I need to make?

It entails consuming only organic vegetables and fruits for the first 10 days. Most of this, 50% at a minimum, should be consumed as raw, and eat twice as many vegetables as compared to fruit. Raw vegetables have stronger cleansing ability than cooked, but all vegetables are beneficial. Beets purify the blood; asparagus promotes healthy kidney function and artichokes enhance liver function – just to name a few. Lightly steam or lightly sauté your vegetables, but never fry or overcook them. Avoid high sugar fruits and vegetables like corn, white potatoes, and pineapple. Butter, olive oil and fresh spices are allowed. Drink at least 4 glasses of spring water per day. Starting on Day 11 through the end of the 21 days, you gradually add some fresh (not farm raised), cold-water fish, such as salmon, halibut, cod, mackerel, etc.

1. Commercial salad dressing (refined sugar is not allowed).
2. No grains or starches (bread, rice, pasta, white potatoes).
3. Edamame is soy and soy is not allowed. No soy sauce either.

Remember: Part of the success of this program is eliminating the foods which may produce a subclinical allergy – causing you to hold weight. The common offenders are: Wheat, Soy, Eggs, Corn, and Milk (this includes cheese, but not butter)-we are concerned with the casein protein in the milk not the whey protein or the fat.

Also: bananas are allowed in the shakes only (when they aren’t paired with protein – they raise your blood sugar too much – and we are trying to avoid that to facilitate the best weight loss). For the same reason, no grapes or pineapple.

Do I need to exercise? It is recommended that you walk at least 4 times per week for 30-45 minutes. This is important to get your lymphatic system moving. Strenuous exercise should be put on hold during the three-week period. Consult our office if you are currently on an exercise program that you would like to maintain throughout this program.

Are there any other lifestyle changes required? It is highly recommended that you make lifestyle enhancements like rest, enemas/colonics, massage, and exercise. These will assist in the detoxification process.

Are there any side effects with this program? You might experience an increase in frequency and quantity of urination. This is a normal reaction as the body begins to burn fat and natural insulin levels drop. This will level out after a few days. Some people notice an increase in the quantity of bowel movements. This too is normal. In rare instances, some people experience a throbbing sensation in the head, generalized aches, itchy skin or fatigue. These are normal occurrences as the body detoxifies and will pass after a day or two. If you are having any constipation, please call me. I suggest using a senna tea (Smooth Moves) or senna laxative (Prunelax)-available at Walgreen’s or CVS for short-term relief. If the problem persists longer than 2 days, please call the office – it is important that during this process you are eliminating toxins – not reabsorbing them!

What are some of the benefits that I can expect? Many people experience increased energy and vitality, better digestion, clearer thinking, removal of food addictions, weight loss, less bloating, clearer skin, shinier hair and disappearance or lessening of past conditions (PMS, digestive programs, etc.). A lower of total cholesterol and reduction in triglycerides is a benefit many are enjoying as well.

Take our “Cholesterol Challenge”. Add a full lipid panel to your Detox for $25 and see what affect your diet has on your blood chemistry.


Dr. Kasi Rote

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