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Laboratory Services

Oxidata Free Radical Test

Urinary test which reveals the antioxidant status of the body. Low antioxidant levels speed the aging process and contribute to most disease processes. The Oxidata test measures the amount of malondilaldehydes present in the urine that are produced as a direct result of free radical attacks in the body. Because malondilaldehydes are more concentrated in urine than in blood, this test is 50 times more sensitive than measuring malondilaldehydes in blood. Free radicals are molecules that have an uncoupled electron. This process occurs as a result of normal metabolic reactions as well as increased toxin exposure and chronic infections. Free radicals are very unstable and are highly reactive with cell membranes and other lipid materials, causing cellular damage over time.

Cost: $30.00

Blood Tests

Blood tests are performed by Quest Labs. A wide range of tests are available.

Cost varies widely depending on the test.

Our most popular is the
Lipid panel (includes Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL) – Cost : $25 (Many people choose to have this done after the 21 day detox program - it realy helps to see the effect that food has on these markers).

Koenisburg Test (aka Urinary Chloride)

Urinary test to assess adrenal function. Low energy, recurrent infections, fibromyalgia and many other conditions can be related to low adrenal function. Results are given within 5 minutes of a urine sample being provided.

Cost: $15.00

Urinary Indican Test

Urinary test for bowel toxicity. Bowel toxicity can be a result of incomplete digestion, inflammatory conditions of the digestive tract, incomplete absorption, bacterial overgrowth and many more conditions. First morning urine is the most accurate measure.

Cost: $30.00

Urinary Sediment Test

This test looks at digestion by the sediment that is left over. Carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism are evaluated. This allows for specific recommendations regarding digestive challenges.

Cost: $ 15

Sulkowitch Test (aka Urinary Calcium test)

This test is useful in monitoring calcium digestion and absorption.

Cost: $15

Urine pH

The urine pH indicates the efforts of the body via the kidneys, lungs and adrenals to regulate pH through the various buffering systems. It also indicates how the body is tolerating the food you eat. This test is helpful in screening for urinary tract infections (Alkaline urine is a perfect environment for urinary tract bacterial infection.) Our office uses an electronic pH meter for the most accurate results.

Cost: $10

Urine Specific Gravity

It measures the kidney’s ability to concentrate the urine. This is a measure of the dissolved particles in the urine. The higher the number, the more dissolved particles there are. Specific gravity of 1.015 is a healthy specific gravity. An amount lower than 1.015 indicates: low minerals, electrolyte stress or high intake of water. An amount higher than 1.015 may indicate dehydration, too much salt, diabetes, decreased adrenal function, decreased kidney function or decreased heart function.

Our office uses a urinometer to make the most accurate determination (rather than reling on dipsticks).

Cost: $10

Urine Dipstick Analysis

Screen for pathology (blood, bacteria, glucose).

Cost: $15

Urinalysis Panel

**Includes the following urinalysis tests (Specific Gravity, pH, Calcium, Sediment, Indican, Dipstick, and Chloride)

Cost: $75 (saving $35 over individual tests).

Zinc Taste Test

Taste test for zinc deficiency. A large portion of the population is zinc deficient. Zinc deficiency causes many health problems. Zinc overload can cause many of these same issues. Therefore it is important to be tested before self-prescribing this mineral. Test takes less than 30 seconds.

Cost: $5.00

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