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Loss of sex drive

Loss of Sex Drive - Is Stress the Culprit?

In today's stimulant driven world, anxiety is the primary driver of libido and sexual function. Anxiety is principally driven by high cortisol hormone levels that are responsible for a lot of behavior in the modern culture, namely urgency towards orgasm, instant fulfillment/gratification and violent, rough forms of sexuality. Generally there is a lack of intimacy in sexuality almost as a disinterest in the partner’s experience.

Many people believe testosterone is the source of the violence and rough forms of sexuality typically seen in the movies and news. The reality is that this form of sexuality is actually driven by high cortisol levels and anxiety. Testosterone is an androgen, and like progesterone and estrogen, its levels produce a form of sensuality that creates a more sensual interaction. Men become interested in atmosphere, lighting, music and have an easy time with longer levels of performance because they're not in a dominant sympathetic state rushing to climax. Many times pre-maturity is a result of stress and high cortisol levels creating a tendency towards anxiety.

As balance is introduced in the biochemistry and reduction of stress occurs in the lifestyle there is a subsequent reduction in the need for stimulants/stimulation. The androgens (testosterone, progesterone, estrogen) begin to increase resulting in sensuality and a more mature interactive sexual experience. Oftentimes initially, men especially, experience a reduction in the sex drive (libido), but usually within two to four weeks there begins to be an increase in intimacy and sensuality and an enlivening of a man's entire body beyond just the erogenous zones. Sometimes men will say, “I'd rather just leave it the way it was”, however the downside about anxiety-driven sexuality is that ultimately the adrenals burnout and that form of sexuality is lost. This is the reason why so many in America have a significant reduction in libido in their mid-40’s.

While this shift makes a significant contribution to the quality of intimacy and sexuality/sensuality, it is much more significant than just that. By reducing cortisol levels resulting from excess stimulation the adrenals are spared, the immune system is increase and longevity is increased. Most of America has been under such stimulation for so long that many people have never experienced androgen-driven sensuality. It is difficult to interest and introduce one to something they never experienced before. It does not exist as a possibility, and therefore is not sought after or even missed.

Inherent in each of us is a knowing and resonance with the way life should be. For this reason as we begin to move into a more balanced hormonal state the expression of libido naturally homes in bringing us toward our sensual nature. By reducing stimulants in our lifestyle, respecting sunlight rhythms by sleeping in a fully darkened room and using supplementation to strengthen glandular depressions it is possible to restore hormonal imbalance.

This explores an evolution toward balanced human maturity. It is also a way to encourage proper sexual function well into the senior years (70’s and 80’s). Some speculate that this evolution will change the face of violence and dysfunction in our young society today.

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