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Making Sense of your Fat Burning Analysis

If you look at the numbers in thegraph below, focus on the middle of the arrows. The best score would total 100.
This is an example – you need to look at your graph for your results.


This arrow is the top left. This is the most important arrow since it indicates the presence of insulin, which is the main fat making hormone. All fat burning is nullified even if you are exercising like crazy and eating excellent foods. All it takes is very small amounts. For example, 3 ounces of juice before bed will block fat burning for 8 hours.

If this arrow is far to the left and a high number, you may experience:
• fatigue
• blood sugar issues
• irritability
• craving of sweets

This is the arrow on the top right. This hormone is the opposite to insulin. It is a major fat burner. If it is low, you may experience: Your weight loss tapering off and exercising no longer works.

Figure 2

This is the second arrow to the left. This is the hormone that specifically makes belly fat. It will take protein from your legs and butt and turn it into fat in your stomach as a survival mechanism. This is the main aging hormone – it makes you age faster than you should.

If it is high:

  • You have lots of stress.
  • You may have trouble with your sleep.
  • You may be mentally active, solving problems all day and all night.
  • You may have pain in your body.
  • You may be holding weight in your belly.

Growth Hormone
This is the second arrow to the right. This is a powerful fat burning hormone that works in the liver. It is the major anti-aging hormone and as cortisol levels rise, growth hormone levels decrease. It also helps your joints stay healthy. Testosterone also follows growth hormone so when this hormone goes down, a person’s sex hormones usually follow. If the growth hormone arrow is too short, it means you are actually inhibiting the benefits of the hormone by the things you are doing.

When it is low:

  • You may feel your sleep is not right.
  • You may feel like you are aging a bit too fast.
  • Exercise may not be yielding the results you were expecting.
  • You may have joint problems.
  • You may have right shoulder discomfort.
  • You may have problems with digestion.

Gland Inhibiting Factors
The third arrow measures all the toxins, artificial foods, processed foods and cooked foods you are eating. Everything you do and eat either heals your glands or destroys your glands. We need to keep this as low as possible.

If this is high:

  • You may experience joint stiffness or arthritis.
  • You may not have been able to loose weight.
  • You may have health problems.

Gland Healing Factors
This arrow demonstrates those factors that are building your glands and organs. We want this arrow as far to the right as possible.

The next set of arrows shows how well your exercise of choice is working for your specific body type. This helps you know if the exercise you are doing is what is going to help you lose weight.

We have Heart Rate Variability Testing available in the office. This information will allow us to make personalized exercise recommendations specifically designed for how your body responds to the stress of exercise.

Fluid Retainers
This graph shows the sodium to potassium ratios of the foods you are consuming. If a person has excess sodium or is consuming foods that are potassium depleters, you will have the arrow more to the left.

If it is more to the left:

  • You may have indentions in your ankles when you take your socks off at night.
  • You may be retaining fluid.
  • You lose weight and gain it right back.

The optimum fat burning number on the bottom right should be 100.

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