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What to expect

  • Before your first visit to the office, please complete the online Case History and Symptom Survey (you will need to contact the office for a user name and password).
  • Upon arriving at the office, you will meet with Dr. Rote and have your Calcium Evaluation and Adrenal Evaluation.
  • Dr. Rote will review your forms you filled out online (covering any details that need more explanation).
  • Then Dr. Rote will make recommendations for supplements she finds are specifically relevant in your specific health state. Her choices in supplements are also determined by your results of the Calcium Evaluation and Adrenal Evaluation.
  • If you are only on the supplement program, you will return in 1 month for an evaluation of your progress (you will need to fill out the Case History and Symptom Survey online again).

Additional services may be added at this time. Please let the office know if you are interested in these services so we can schedule the time necessary for them. Dr. Rote can recommend which tests she feels are appropriate for you when you come into the office.

  • A.S.E.T. Acupressure Stress Elimination Technique Dr. Rote works on specific points on the body which help lower your stress. We have many patients who have had their sleep dramatically improved, eliminated their pain, and enabled them to feel more relaxed. (The cost for this service is $50.)
  • BIA is a body composition test which is necessary if you are interested in weight loss consultation. It allows Dr. Rote to see how much fluid you may be retaining, as well as, how much muscle and body fat you have. It also shows how much water you have inside your cells (which helps determine how healthy your cells are) which often relates to your energy level. (This test is $40.)
  • Heart Rate Variability this test takes a snapshot of your current health. If your results show the proper balance, we will do the fitness test to determine what is the best type of exercise for your body's stress handling ability. (The health snapshot is $25. The comprehensive fitness test is $75.)
  • Meridian Stress Assessment is available. This test looks at the acupuncture meridians to see where there may be any blockages. (This test takes about 20 minutes. The cost is $75.)

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